Summer 2023 48 hour film challenge submission.
I was invited by a friend to participate in the Indy 48-hour film challenge during the summer of 2023. Our team was given a set of parameters our film had to follow. We had to include a specific character (a door-to-door sales-person) a specific macguffin (a cookie) and we had to be either a food film or a drama (we combined both).
After brainstorming with the team, I wrote a rough script on the first night, which was edited the following morning. Our team set up in a team mate's house and began filming friends. Our short film CRUMBLED follows two parents who are in the midst of divorce, one wanting to salvage the marriage, and the other wanting a clean break. As they navigate their feelings they use metaphor to bridge the gap --to their detriment.
I initially wasn't going to be a director on this project, but ended up jumping into the role to make sure things happened on time to meet our 48-hour deadline.
Bonus: the 'beer' in our short film is actually apple juice.
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