A teaser trailer made for a Shark Tank themed event hosted by ScreenBroidery.

The goal of this teaser trailer was to promote the Shark Tank event to ScreenBroidery's clients who were invited to the event and to generate excitement.
This video was created in a week to promote the Shark Tank Event at ScreenBroidery. I used my Canon T6i to film Tom, ScreenBroidery's CEO, at ScreenBroidery's basecamp in Noblesville, Indiana. The end screen animation was created in Adobe After Effects. After Effects was also used for Rotoscoping to create the shot with Tom in multiple poses.
I used Adobe Premiere Pro to create this video. 
This was my first time using After Effects in a while, since last year was spent working on Conservation Crossroads. I was excited to jump back into the program. This was also my first time creating a shot with multiple of the same person in it. 
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